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Data Science refers to extract of knowledge from large number of unstructured data, which is a continuation of the field of data mining and predictive analytic.

Core concepts and terminologies:

There are so many software which can be used for analyzing the data. R- Statistics is the most effective software for it. During the last decade, the momentum coming from both academia and industry has lifted the R programming language to become the single most important tool for computational statistics, visualization and data science.

Career Scope:

R- Statistics is widely used in the academic sector as well as in the commercial sector. So after completing this program you will get chance to work in both the field as the popularity of R programming language is increasing drastically which will be the extra benefit for a learner.

Growth & Advantages:

Today, R is ranked as the 9th most popular language by IEEE Spectrum and it is consistently ranked the most popular language for data science and thousands of companies are using R for data science applications. Like -

Google uses R to calculate the ROI on advertising campaigns

Twitter uses R to monitor user experience.

R is used frequently by The New York Times to create info graphics and interactive data journalism applications etc.

Some advantages of R statistics are -

i>Vast capabilities, wide range of statistical and graphical techniques

ii> Very popular in academia, growing popularity in business

iii>Written primarily by statisticians

iv>Easy to extend by writing new functions

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iPhone, Android, Core java

19th July 2015

iPhone, Android, Core java

19th July 2015

iPhone, Android, Core java

19th July 2015